Tesla acquires Canadian battery manufacturing company Hibar Systems

Tesla acquires Canadian battery manufacturing company Hibar Systems

In a significant development first reported by Canada’s Electric Autonomy, US electric vehicle maker Tesla has acquired Hibar Systems, a Canada-based battery manufacturing company. The details pertaining to the acquisition have not yet been officially disclosed.

The acquisition of Hibar Systems underscores an evident attempt by Tesla to move towards the potential production of its own battery cells.

Hibar Systems specializes in building manufacturing equipment for various battery-production processes. The company is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario. It also has facilities in Germany and China.

In reporting Tesla’s acquisition of Hibar System, Electric Autonomy has revealed that the latest official filings by Tesla with the Canadian Federal lobby registration have listed Hibar Systems as a subsidiary of the company.

Hibar Systems came on the Tesla subsidiary list on October 2, 2019, while it was not there on the list in July. Hence, the acquisition of Hibar Systems by Tesla has evidently materialized in the last four months. With Tesla acquiring Hibar Systems, the battery manufacturing company’s website has now been replaced with only one page.

In an archive version of its website, Hibar Systems has said that its latest technology offering is an “advanced Automated Vacuum Filling Systems for Lithium-ion battery applications for use in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, computer notebooks and similar products.” The company has also asserted that it has recently forayed into the production of a full “high-speed Lithium-ion battery manufacturing system.”