Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Hilux prototype debuts with 365-mile range

Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Hilux prototype debuts with 365-mile range

Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation has officially announced the debut of the Hilux Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype, which boasts an impressive range of 365 miles on a single hyderogen refill. Taking an exciting leap into the future mobility, Toyota crafted its very first Hilux Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype at its esteemed Burnaston vehicle assembly plant in Derby, England. The new vehicle marks Toyota’s collaborative effort with esteemed consortium partners, who are also enjoying financial support from the side of the UK government. The Japanese manufacturer has plans to produce only a limited number of this concept SUV (only 10) by this year’s end.

Featuring a rugged exterior, the new Hilux variant boasts a powertrain having components hailing from the ground-breaking Toyota Mirai. The standout feature of the new environment-friendly machine is its awe-inspiring estimated range of 365 miles on a single hydrogen refill.

The technologically advanced new green vehicle has a unique placement of its hydrogen tanks, which have been snugly nestled between the frame rails, exactly where the cabin takes its place. The other integral fuel cell components exist under the hood, with the battery pack positioned at the rear.

The origin of the new Hilux project can be traced back to early last year, when the manufacturer embarked on an all-inclusive feasibility study. On July 1, 2022, the design and development of the vehicle was started. Fast forward to early June this year, the company crafted the very first prototype, marking a significant milestone in the automobile giant’s green journey.

Toyota City, Aichi-headquartered Japanese automobile giant tantalized the world in December 2022 with the unveiling of the battery-powered Hilux Revo BEV Concept. However, the company didn’t reveal specific details regarding the pickup's battery or other specifications. At the time of the EV’s launch, Toyota's visionary leader, Akio Toyoda, proclaimed, "BEVs are not the only way to achieve the world's carbon neutrality goals."

At the time, Toyoda had also expressed the company’s commitment to collaborate with industry stalwarts like Isuzu to develop a hydrogen fuel cell-powered light-duty pickup. Now, they have developed the hydrogen fuelled-vehicle, but the production timeline for this venture remains undisclosed.

The ten prototypes, which will be produced by the end of current year, will be used by Toyota for testing to ensure that this model lives up to the robust reputation of the Hilux. The vehicle will be evaluated for safety, functionality, as well as durability. The manufacturer is keen to unravel the opportunities that a fuel-cell-powered pickup like the new Hilux could usher in.

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