Toronto Nurse Loses Her License for having Sex with Psychiatric Patient

According to disciplinary panel, the Toronto nurse, who admitted to having sex with a patient while she worked there, will lose her license. Formerly employed at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the nurse admitted in an agreed statement of facts presented today at her disciplinary hearing that "she sexually abused the patient by engaging in sexual intercourse... among other things" during the man's inpatient and outpatient treatment. She was fired in 2007 when the affair came to light and the five-member disciplinary panel will now order a formal reprimand and recommend revocation of her professional license by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

44-year-old stripper sues club for age discrimination

CanadaToronto, November 19 : A 44-year-old stripper has filed charges against a Mississauga strip club claiming she was sacked because of her age.

Kimberlee Ouwroulis, who had been a waitress before she began stripping at the age of 40, launched her complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario against the club ‘New Locomotion’, reports the National Post.

Kimberlee revealed that when she asked her then manager the reason for being fired, he offered to provide her solace by saying ‘another older girl had been fired the same day’.

Gehry brings his architecture home to Canada

Gehry brings his architecture home to CanadaToronto  - The Canadian-American star architect Frank Gehry, 79, on Friday saw the opening of his latest innovative contribution to world culture - the Art Gallery of Ontario.

After designing awe-inspiring structures around the world - including the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and the Dancing House in Prague - Gehry for the first time worked on a project in his native Canada.

Before the opening, Gehry spoke to Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa about the long and often frustrating process of transforming and expanding Toronto's tradition-heavy Victorian landmark.

Icon of Toronto architecture transformed by Frank Gehry

Icon of Toronto architecture transformed by Frank GehryToronto  - His best-known works read like a list of world landmarks - the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain; the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles; the Dancing House in Prague.

Finally, Frank Gehry came home to his native Canada - and even to his old neighbourhood - with the opening of the Art Gallery of Ontario, a long-time Victorian landmark on Toronto's cityscape, which has been transformed and expanded under the architect's imaginative hand.

Cell phones as harmful as alcohol when mixed with driving

Cell phones as harmful as alcohol when mixed with drivingToronto, Sept 18 : People are always told not to talk on cell phones while driving, now Ontario''s doctors are the latest to advise the same, insisting that the cell phones can be as fatal as alcohol when mixed with driving.

The experts from Ontario Medical Association compiled studies from around the world, pointing to the dangers in a bid to get action from the Ontario government.

They say that mobile phone use affects a driver’s cognitive function, visual concentration, speed of processing information, and reaction time.

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